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Anonymous asked: Do you currently attend school?

Yes I’m a student at CSULB ~

Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been drawing here and there in my sketchbook but too lazy to upload them haha. Once I buy a scanner I promise to do more drawing updates! If there is something you’d like to see me sketch, feel free to send me an ask. It’s not a promise to draw so I may or may not draw your request.

Next week I will be going back to school so I will do a special sale on my store for back to school!! Look out for that.

Also due to the fact that my first place and second place winners have not been responding to my messages and have not emailed me, I will be choosing new winners for the giveaway. I will contact the winners later today at 8pm.

Thanks guys and I’ll be sure to post up drawings soon!

hajime-nii asked: the mix is published and your artwork credited, thank so much!!

no problem! I’ll go check out your mix :)

Hi guys, sorry that I haven’t updated for a bit. Well I guess I have, but nothing non-AX related really. 

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cadetsparky asked: I'm gonna cherish those PunPun Buttons, I wish I had more stuff to give you! ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

Ahh thank you so much! I’m sorry if I can’t remember you…I can’t really tell from your tumblr icon. I was trying to access your tumblr page to figure out who you are but I keep getting cached copies of it ;__; But I’m so glad you love the PunPun buttons!!! I’m always happy to meet other punpun fans.

Anonymous asked: Is there anyway I can get your pins, besides anime expo? Do you have a website?

Thank you for your interest in my buttons!! I will have a shop set up in a few days!

hajime-nii asked: hi! im planning on doing an oikawa fanmix and i was wondering if you could let me use this /post/83198567957 artork of yours as a cover. Whatever you anser, thank you for your time!!

No problem! I don’t mind as long as you mention me as a credit!! Sorry it took so long to reply, I actually just got back from artist alley at anime expo.