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21 / 160cm / ♍ / cali
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Anonymous asked: Do you currently attend school?

Yes I’m a student at CSULB ~

hajime-nii asked: the mix is published and your artwork credited, thank so much!!

no problem! I’ll go check out your mix :)

cadetsparky asked: I'm gonna cherish those PunPun Buttons, I wish I had more stuff to give you! ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

Ahh thank you so much! I’m sorry if I can’t remember you…I can’t really tell from your tumblr icon. I was trying to access your tumblr page to figure out who you are but I keep getting cached copies of it ;__; But I’m so glad you love the PunPun buttons!!! I’m always happy to meet other punpun fans.

Anonymous asked: Is there anyway I can get your pins, besides anime expo? Do you have a website?

Thank you for your interest in my buttons!! I will have a shop set up in a few days!

hajime-nii asked: hi! im planning on doing an oikawa fanmix and i was wondering if you could let me use this /post/83198567957 artork of yours as a cover. Whatever you anser, thank you for your time!!

No problem! I don’t mind as long as you mention me as a credit!! Sorry it took so long to reply, I actually just got back from artist alley at anime expo.